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Imperial City and Chuon Lagoon - 1 Day

Start the day with the discovery of the Imperial City, listed Unesco World Heritage. Hue was the ancient Vietnam capital, under the reign of the Nguyen dynasty, from 1802 to 1945. The city is considered a big living museum with many historical monuments, imperial tombs, pagodas and temples that tell us the history of the last feudal dynasty in Vietnam.

Go to the grapefruits village of Thuy Bieu, between the city center and Nguyen emperors tombs. The ancient village is specialized in the plantation of grapefruits, famous for their quality. In the past, they were given to the royal family. Cradle of culture of Hue, Thuy Bieu is an old village currently developing eco-tourism.

The village contains many centenarian houses lost between the fruits trees, especially the grapefruits trees. All of them are covered with a green color. The characteristics of these houses-gardens contribute to the preservation of the customs and traditions of the Vietnamese culture and architectural of the Nguyen Dynasty.

During the walk, some stops are prevised: to the old temple dedicated to the genius of the village, at school, and in a family which owns three of the older houses. These buildings are characterized by engravings and sculptures in wood: dragons, phoenix and other natural landscapes on columns, beams or rafters.

Return by bike to the family house. Participate in the preparation of the lunch with the family: figs salad, lemongrass duck… After the lunch, rest with a foot massage with medicinal herbs.

Go back to the center of Hue by car.

Go by bike to the Chuon Lagoon, passing through typical villages. Along the way, stop at the covered bridge of Thanh Toan.

Located 10km from the city of Hue, the Chuon lagoon is part of the lagoon system of Tam Giang where 3 major rivers converge: the river of perfumes, the O Lau river, and the Bo river before they flow into the sea through the estuary of Thuan An.

The locals live mainly at the expense of the tide. The daily life remains very relaxing and peaceful.

At the lagoon, go into a boat and let immerse yourself in a nature still intact. Admire this poetic and beautiful landscape in peace. This lagoon is the favorite place of photographers.

Enjoy the sunset, savoring some fresh seafood. Go back to the city center by bike.


Hue - Imperial City - Thuy Bieu - Chuon Lagoon - Hue 

Included in the price :

local English-speaking guide

- entrance tickets to sites

- bike

- activities mentioned

- transfers mentioned

- lunch at the locals’ house,

- foot massage with medicinal herbs

- 2 bottles of water per person

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