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What to do if you are in Vietnam during Têt holiday?

Updated: 26/1/2018 | 2:03:26 PM

You are in Vietnam during Têt holiday? Here are places not to be missed during this period.

What can you do if you are in Vietnam during the Têt ?

The Têt is the most important holiday in Vietnam and it is, for you, a great occasion to discover the culture and specialties of the different regions of Vietnam.

Here you will discover the best places to visit during the Têt.

Hanoï is a destination not to be missed. Streets are more quiet because most of inhabitants go back to their campaign or their native village. It means that there will be less traffic jam and also less open shops. The atmosphere in the streets is quiet and zen.

Several activities are facing you during the Têt:

  • Walk in capital’s old quarter
  • Participate to musical show in the street around Hoan Kiem lake
  • Walk in the market of Têt’s decorations and products in Hang Ngang
  • Contemplate the fireworks at Têt’s eve

You can also go to Sapa which is a city prized by tourists but also by Vietnamese people. Going to Sapa will allow you to discover the ethnic minorities. It is recommended to stay at an inhabitant home (if you can) during this period and spend the tët with the family you are with.

If you are simply passing in Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh city is an interesting destination. During the Têt, the city is very colorful as we can find a lot of lowers in the streets. Here as well, shops are closed during the first days of the new year. An ideal period to visit the city.

Hoi An is also a destination not to be missed during the Têt. You can assist to many events such as the cooking festival of Ban Tet. You can participate to cooking lessons, cultural activities or the lanterns festival.

If you are looking for sun and warm, Phu Quoc island is made for you. You can enjoy immaculate beaches, quiet sea and warm water.

During the Têt, but also throughout the year, Nha Trang is a city which can fascinate you. You can profit of the Têt’s atmosphere with cultural and sportive activities organized along the beach, or with a walk by night in the streets during Têt’s Eve.