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What to visit in Hanoi?

Updated: 26/1/2018 | 11:01:29 AM

You planned to go to the capital but you do not know what to do? This article will help you!

To start, if you like museums, we strongly advise you to visit the Ethnology museum and the Women museum.

It is better to visit first the Ethnology museum to understand the complex history of Vietnam. Be careful, the museum is closed every Monday. The entry costs 40 000 VND. The museum is very interesting, you will discover the 54 ethnic groups of Vietnam. However, the most impressive is outside with the traditional houses in real size.

Ethnology museum in Hanoi

Then, the Women museum, inaugurated in 1995, it traces perfectly the role on women in the Vietnamese culture and in the country’s history. The museum has 4 floors, which are very interesting. The entry costs 30 000 VND and the museum is open every days from 8am to 5pm.

Women museum in Hanoi

You should miss under no pretext the Literature temple (or Van Mieu), which is the biggest temple of Hanoi. It was built in 1070, from emperor Ly Tong’s initiative, to venerate Confucius – Chinese philosopher, who lived during the antiquity. This temple was a Confucian academy, training scholars and high officials from 1076 to 1915. So, it celebrates the education and the teaching. The entry costs 30 000 VND. During the summer, it is open from 7:30 am to 6pm and during the winter from 8am to 6am.

Literature temple in Hanoi

The imperial city of Hanoi is also a very interesting place. It was listed at UNESCO World Heritage in 2010. This monument is one of the most beautiful in the city. It is in a district that was fully owned by the Ministry of Defense, where only army members and their family had the chance to live. The entry costs 30 000 VND.  The citadel is closed every Monday, and schedules are 8am to 5pm.

The imperial city in Hanoi

From a more comprehensive point of view, the old quarter is a must do. There are a lot of places to visit… Streets are full of motorbikes, which can be scary at first sight when you have to cross the road, but Vietnamese people used to avoid pedestrians.  

The Ngoc Son temple which is located on a little island in the middle of Hoan Kiem lake is gorgeous. It was built in 1841. We can get there thanks to a little red bridge which is called “the rising sun bridge”. This site is very peaceful. The entry costs 30 000 VND.

Ngoc Son temple in Hanoi

Finally, there are many sacred buildings in the old quarter but most of them are Confucian or Taoism. But you can also visit the Saint Joseph’s cathedral, which is a catholic place. It is not necessary to go in, but the outer façade is gorgeous. The cathedral was built by French people.

Saint Joseph's cathedral in Hanoi

These visits represent only a small part of the charm of this city!